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external Samsung Heat Pump install

Install of a Samsung Heat Pump in a residential application

Posted in: heat pumps on Friday, August 3rd, 2012

This family choose to upgrade their heating system and add air conditioning. They have a conventional hot water heating system, that served them well. They have been living in the house for about a year and find it comfortable for the most part but there was areas that would get hot when the sun would come out (master bedroom, family room/kitchen, sons bedroom). We went to the house and did a inspection and a estimate to add a Samsung Heat Pump system to these rooms.

We found that the areas that were hot faced west with large windows. The recommendation was to install a Samsung free joint multi Heat Pump, (neo forte model) high wall heads. This unit is 36,000 btu’s ( three heads ) two-9k one 18k. This strategically placed would make these hot spots perfect for removing heat in the summer. And in addition to the cooling the free joint multi also heats in the winter.

So in the rooms they are installed in will make it very comfortable year round, and save them money due to increased energy efficiency. The neo forte uses Smart inverter technology, ( S-inverter). This makes for a perfect temperature, when the neo forte turns on the system ramps up to maximum temperature. Once the temperature reaches the desired comfort level, the system adjusts to any changes in the room, thus providing less temperature fluctuations, which increases efficiency.

This extremely efficient neo forte s-inverter that delivers heating and cooling at a blink of an eye while saving you money is a perfect addition to any home. Contact us if you would like us to walk you through the product and how it can make your home a better place to live.

Samsung Heat Pump

Samsung Heat Pump line outside house

Samsung Heat Pump inside a bedroom

remote for the Samsung Heat Pump

living room Samsung Heat Pump install


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